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1639 days ago

  • "Dancing With the Stars" -- Find Out Who Went Home!

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    This show is too predictable! I can predict the scores of the judges also I would like to see NEW JUDGES. These judges when ave to go. It has gotten to the point where they give better scores to the ones they want to stay and are overly critical to the others. Maks was DEAD ON !! These judges need to go. Rob K dose not belong in the final three. 1173 days ago

  • Video: SNL Spoofs Kim Kardashian's Divorce

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    Loved IT!!!! Very life like. Cried and then posed, cried and then posed LOL!!!! Seriously, I hope Kris Humphries tosses her out on her A** B***H! She dosen't deserve him, he's too good for her. GO KRIS HUMPHERIES!!1182 days ago

  • Inside Kim Kardashian's Wedding -- New Photos and Video!

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    FRirst of ALL, 1.) What the heck was Kris Jennings wearing? She was not the BRIDE, TOTAL TACKY way past her youth trying to relive it through Kim's wedding day. Total Hillibilly! No excuse me that gives Hillbillies a bad name. This family is no way no how ROYALTY!! Sceaming WHITE TRASH!! SAD!!1258 days ago

  • Video: 'Dallas' Returns to TV -- See the New Promo!

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    I love it!!!!! Can't wait to see it, I will be glued to the series. I wi***** was sooner. I hope they bring cameo's of the other origional cast members and tell thier stories and tie it into the series. I am looking forward to the new show.1299 days ago

  • Susan Lucci Reacts to 'All My Children' Cancellation

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    I guess now I will switch to The Young And The Restless, that show is consistant and has a good story line. There is nothing on ABC, who need another Food show? I hate the reality show's, who want's to see these people get rich on reality show's. I hate that the soaps get cut and C**P gets put on it's place. I PROMICE YOU I WON"T TUNE IN EVEN TO PEEK!! BYE ABC!1388 days ago