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1189 days ago

  • Jessica Simpson Sports Huge Baby Bump

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    I think she looks beautiful. I gained a lot with my first and people's criticism hurts. I learned and gained very little with my second. She probably has to starve to get her body to look like her "dukes of hazard" days. Good for her to not maintain that unhealthy lifestyle while pregnant like other pregnant celebs. Rachel Zoe looked like a skeleton corpse her entire pregnance. Those are the ones who should be criticized!1117 days ago

  • Britney Spears' Engagement Ring -- How It Stacks Up

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    I could have a billion dollars and I would STILL not walk around wearing a 20 carat ring. Why don't you just walk around with money sewn on your clothes? Get real. Considering most"real" women are lucky to get one whole carat, how much of an ass do you have to be to walk around with an asteroid on your finger? 1137 days ago

  • Michelle Duggar Suffers Miscarriage

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    I certainly think they are getting clear signs from God that they are done having children. I respect that it is their choice to have a large family, but our bodies are only made to do so much. Michelle's last pregnancy was dangerous and caused problems for that poor child and now she is having a miscarriage. What will it take? For her or the child dying from complications? It's hard to say goodbye to that part of our life, but there comes a time for everyone where it is no longer safe.1146 days ago