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1305 days ago

  • Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Gets Into Another Massive Fight

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    She needs help. I'm not saying it in a mean way, she truly needs help - counseling, medication. It's sad to see what a mess she is and how (it appears) that she can't be bothered with being a mother to her son. Her son will suffer because of her behavior and likely end up with emotional issues himself because of her behavior. You can see how real and how raw her actions are. There are some things that can't be staged, she'd have to be a great actress to pull of a fake fight of this sort. I'm sure producers encourage these things but this is real. Real sad.1101 days ago

  • Kendall Jenner Unloads On Mom Over Extravagant Birthday Bash

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    They are all self-motivated, greedy monsters, trying to look good after wasting millions on a 72 day marriage when people in the US and abroad are STARVING and HOMELESS. Greedy pigs need to stop loving themselves for ONE minute and think about others. And I don't mean serving food to homeless ON TV, how about making an ANONYMOUS donation without the damn cameras watching so they can gloat about how wonderful and generous they are. They will lose it all some day and finally see things on the other side.
    Disgusting.1137 days ago

  • The Kardashian Christmas Card Is Here!

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    HAhaha! Looks more like a Sears catalog photo shoot! SO damn tired of this stupid family.1138 days ago