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Deb V in WI

1486 days ago

  • Win A Red Carpet Ready Prize Pack!

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    I just am a big lover of Too Fab with or without a prize. I'm hooked.1429 days ago

  • Sandra Bullock To "Millionaire Matchmaker": No Thanks!

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    I watch her show sometimes and she has made some good connections forsome people I understand but I agree that Sandra Bullock is a very classy woman and though her marriage failed I'm sure she is able to find her own man. She does have kind of a vulgar language problem. Imean Patti and not Sandra. And for the record, most of the dates she sets up, don't work out if you go by what's happening on the show.1486 days ago

  • 'Matchmaker' Star Bolts From Patti!

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    I would watch her show. Everyone deserves a chance and I agree with the comment about Patti's language. But the entertainment value of Patti Stanger is through the roof. She is funny and in your face even if it is in an obnoxious sort of way.1486 days ago