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1199 days ago

  • Jamie Lynn Spears Praises "Teen Mom" Stars

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    That show is horrid. Those poor children now not only have children as parents, but usually the mom goes nuts with all the money she gets for letting this show make her into a "star". How many of them have been in jail, gotten plastic surgery, and/or had a rotating door of more boys or even gotten pregnant AGAIN ??? That money from the show should have gone into a trust for those poor children. Also, ALL of those people should be sterilized. Dont agree? Just watch Idiocracy. Thanks to shows like this, this is where we are headed. Congrats.1092 days ago

  • Michelle Duggar Suffers Miscarriage

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    Why are you people saying things like, "This is Gods way of telling them". NO IT ISN'T!!!! IT IS NATURE!!!! You can come back with something about how it is what they believe, but is she lying around being impregnated by God? NO. They are performing a NATURAL act an UNNATURAL amount of times. You are grandparents, there will be plenty more babies for you to raise. UGH. Weirdos. And not because they believe in god, that they are in the media about being baby hoarders.1147 days ago