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1203 days ago

  • "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Star Sheree Slams NeNe in New Single

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    Someone should have checked you.LMAO1127 days ago

  • "Housewives" Star Kim Zolciak Confirms Bravo Spin-off

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    I don't know if I will be watching because Kim is not one of my favorite personalities, but it may be interesting, right? Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetieeeeee.1173 days ago

  • Burn! Anchor Slams Kim Kardashian on Her Birthday

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    I don't even watch KK, but I have seen more of her than I would like. They show her every where. That doesn't make you a Star; it makes you popular. The whole family is exploited and they like it. You can not trust these reality shows because you leave too much to be questioned. Was the wedding real or just staged? Are they getting a divorce after 1 month of marriage? Was the divorce pre-planned to get the ratings. I don't know . KK and family are more than I can swallow. That is the reason i can no*****ch them.1195 days ago

  • Dina Manzo Weighs In On "Real Housewives" Feud

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    Teresa does keep the show alive, but she lies to herself and others. She says she want to be with her family, but minus their spouses. she claims that she inspired everyone on the show to do something, but she had to inspire herself because they went belly up because of her over spending. Remember the first season, she was whipping out cash-left and right. Who does that in front of cameras. I wondered when Caroline was going to believe her first feelings about Teresa. Seems slike everyone else is doing the same. The reunion just topped it off. Teresa will keep her children crying, treating a little girl like an adult. Children should mot be involved in adult things.1196 days ago

  • Jersey "Housewives" Reunion: Teresa Giudice Goes Off

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    If these women said in the beginning that this show is not scripted, should i believe you or them. I was on Joe Doherty court show and they had people that just went back and forth with the he said, she sad whereas you can get an explosive scene. Teresa is hot- headed and it doesn't take much to get her started. I'm really glad that Caroline has opened her eyes to Teresa. Loyalty to the wrong person can cause you a lot of grief. i have never known Caroline to lie about anything, She owns what she says. Teresa was all over the place; either she's lying or a severe case of memory lose. She owns nothing , even after she sees herself on camera. I didn't see 3 against 1 as much as I seen the possibility that Teresa has thrown everyone under the bus. 1203 days ago