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1516 days ago

  • Fashion Designer's Winehouse Tribute Slammed -- Is It Distasteful?

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    I guess in the world of gothic hair, tatoos and previous over indulgence in drugs Kelly is now the voice of the word exploitation? Please, someone sit her down wash her body off and die her hair, and for the father love how he's being a father after his daughters death. These two are hanging out with Demi Moore and the Red Bull cases. It was a tribute people get over it. This is an artist.1098 days ago

  • Kim Kardashian Slams "Malicious and Untrue" Rumor

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    Are you kidding me. The article was true, and when have they really cared about charity. Their fifteen minutes of fame is up, they've almost out trashed Pari******on and that takes a lot, but Kim is nothing but a liar, she and her mother are out to make all the money they can no matter what, just lost faith in Bruce we'd all thought he ewould show some backbone, but Kris sold that as well. Glad Kris H got signed on back with the Nets and we wish him well, hopefully he learned his lesson from being a pawn. Love the necklace it will appear as a Kartrashian piece in the spring line, now we know she went over to fine jewelry to sale as their exclusive, next stop the jungles of hell.1136 days ago

  • Giuliana Rancic Has Successful Double Mastectomy

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    Wishing you nothing but the best, you and Bill give us hope about reality tv.Take your time and heal, your fans will be here and waiting for you. Keep that sense of humor and it will go smoothly for you. God bless 1142 days ago

  • "Top Model" Judge Leaving -- Who's His Rumored Replacement?

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    I enjoyedmher show because she wasn't what you expected. She lives to her own beat and was a throw back to the Andy Warhol era. With the news that Cover mGirl really picks the winners it will be even more interesting to see how the show operates. I think Janice ****inson and Tyra are both full of themselves but it's time to move on and let new models come forward,,please lets go back to real models and quit using the Kardashians, if anything these two should open up a school for new talent of all walks of life to have the same opportunities they have. Come on ladies both of you have the same platform use some unity1150 days ago

  • Kim Zolciak In Her Used, $58,000 Wedding Dress -- First Photo!

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    This is a vintage creation and someome(s) hard little hands had to do all that bead work. It's a bit over the top but it's a piece of art . She's over the top so what should we expect. Wishing her well on a new life with her and Kroy, finally it would be nice to see one of these self absorbed housewives have a happy ending.1171 days ago