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1324 days ago
Clovis, CA

  • Joan Rivers Documents Her "734th" Plastic Surgery!

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    My God she is scary looking. I feel sorry for her grandkids. Can you imagine that face coming at you? The comment by Ann was dead on! She is starting to look like a Michael Jackson doll, only white....oh that's right, he changed his skin color as well. Her nose gets more pointy every time she has surgery and it looks like her cheeks are full of sand. Ugly woman!1101 days ago

  • PETA Attacks Kim Kardashian with New Billboard

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    Funny, PETA never mentions the fact that they were caught dumping animals that they supposedly resuced, but never put up for adoption in dumpsters throughout L.A. They also fail to mention that 98% of their budget goes to administrative salaries. They were also caught disposing of "resuced" animals in one of the most inhumane ways. Their ragged old spokesperson, Pamela Anderson ordered her 6 figure sportscar with custom leather seats. (They had to be special ordered) Also, they don't mention that wrinkly old Pamela is now a spokesperson for an Australian company who's biggest stock holder is none other than KFC. Oh, and one last thing, PETA is officially listed as a terrorist org. with the US Government. WEAR YOUR FOX PROUDLY KIM AND TELL PETA TO KISS YOUR ARSE!1170 days ago