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1756 days ago

  • Will Smith's Amazing NYC Apartment For Sale -- See the Photos!

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    Will is unloading a lot of property so when he separates/divorce Jada he won't lose all of his assets. He'll probably bank the money in his secret account. LOL.1221 days ago

  • Did "Two and a Half Men's" Audience Stick Around?

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    I'm with Jude. This show is getting t better and better now that we understand the direction Ashton's character is going in. The pieces are falling into place. There will always be people who don't like the new show but there were people who didn't like the old show. That's life.

    Jon Cryer is brilliant as a second banana. He fits in with Ashton as easy as he did with Charlie. The scene with him and Ashton on the fence after Ashton's wife turned on the current had me rolling. Jon's income show be in the millions. The man is good.

    I hope they do more interaction with ALL the cast members. I also hope by introducing Ashton's screen wife does NOT mean Judith is gone. Crazy Rose should still be part of the show but since her main focus on the show was with Charlie and he's dead, I don't think that's going to happen.

    I have watched "Men" since day one and will continue to watch the new revamped "Men"....Charlie who???1221 days ago

  • New 'Two and a Half Men' Opener -- Ashton 'Sings' Theme!

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    Give me a break. Charlie has been on a few talk shows this week and said if Men asked him to come back he would. All he's doing is sizing up the situation, talking nice in public but if you got him in private he would probably hope the show tanks with Ashton and Chuck calls him back.

    I wouldn't be surprize if he is on durgs that put him in a mellow mood instead of the manic one we have all seen which is why he's so calm. lol. IMO, all he's doing is acting.

    Since Ashton is NOT replacing Charlie but will be added as a NEW character I am anxious to see how HIS CHARACTER will play off the rest of the cast. Charlie did not carrry the show. All the cast worked together to make it a good show. I will miss crazy Rose though. Since Charlie is "dead" her role with the show will be over..1229 days ago

  • 'Real Housewives of New York' Countess Debuts New Music Video

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    OMG...WHY!!! The beat is not bad but LuAnn is horrible. Why do these housewives want to try and sing. If they had some talent I would be the first to wish them well but none of them can sing. I think LuAnn is the worst of the bunch. All she's doing is talking. SMH.1233 days ago

  • Report: Three NY 'Housewives' Get the Boot

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    I only want Alex to stay. I like her and Simon. Who they really should give the boot to is that delusional, no singing fake, piece of crap LuAnn. She really thinks she's something, of course it's all in HER mind.1233 days ago