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1268 days ago

  • Kristen Stewart's Stunning Transformation -- See the Sexy Photos!

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    Yes, Kristen Stewart is beautiful. She has amazing eyes, bone structure and skin. Of course you pic one of her most unflattering pictures *eyeroll*. Don't think much photoshop was done. I met her at the Eclipse premiere, stood 2 feet away and she also had gobs of makeup on but looked flawless. But I think every woman looks her best with some makeup on, I know I do and I've been told I'm beautiful. Kristen looked gorgeous at Comic Con this year wearing chucks and a see-through t-shirt and a neutral makeup palette that was expertly applied. This just turns up the dial a few notches. No one should be surprised it's her. She's an excellent canvas and a chameleon who is showing Hollywood she can take on many different roles. Bravo Kristen and W Mag!!1268 days ago