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kim f

1653 days ago

  • Stars Rate Madonna's Super Bowl Performance

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    Lots of jealous people here. That half time show was incredible. Sets, Costumes, Lights, Special Effects...and the performers, including Madonna. My only gripe...wish she wouldn't have worn such high heels...would like to have seen her dance more.
    But I loved it. To Cheryl Burke I say: where are your hit songs?1085 days ago

  • Giuliana Rancic Has Successful Double Mastectomy

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    I hope that she shares the names of her Doctors, including the surgeons, with the public. It's important that women who are not celebrities have access to good recommendations for doctors.1138 days ago

  • Brad & Angelina Bring Entire Family to Japan!

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    These two are the most selfish adults on the planet. How about giving their kids a shot at normal academic and social lives. Why can't they let them go to school: there are plenty of vacations and all summer to travel. So they film on location, one can stay home so the kids can go to school. They may have tons of money, but they are going to need it
    for therapy for their kids who missed so many steps in their development.1174 days ago