1734 days ago

  • Massive Taylor Armstrong Meltdown on "Real Housewives"

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    Taylor needs to be off the show. She is emotionally a wreck. That woman is NOT stable and she's scary. I don'*****ch the show often, but every time I watch - she's having some melt-down..and it is downright creepy and disturbing.

    I hate Kyle Richards too. She's such a fake and a phony.

    1147 days ago

  • O.C. "Housewife" Reveals New Nose Job!

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    It looks better, but she's still an irritating ditz.1154 days ago

  • Kim Kardashian: Maybe I'm Not Supposed to Have Kids

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    I truly despise these people. I understand why these trainwrecks get covers on Star Magazine and the Enquirer -- they clearly try to manufacturer drama on purpose to get more media attention.. but why does a magazine with a reputable reputation, like Glamour, put them on their cover? C'mon on - what have the Kardashian's ever done to warrant the cover of a high fashion glamour magazine?

    I can't be disappointed with the rag mags for buying into their BS.. but Glamour magazine and all the other reputable magazines, as wel as TV chat shows - really are demeaning themselves by getting involved with these egomaniacs, publicity seeking, greedy, gluttonous, materliastic, boring people..1154 days ago

  • See Demi Lovato's Shocking New Hair Color!

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    "Red hurr..she don't curr.." <-- how old is she? 12? Is she illiterate or what? That's embarrassing! It is HAIR and CARE. Idiot.1175 days ago

  • Zachary Quinto Comes Out as a Gay Man

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    Wow. He should be utterly embarrassed. His spelling and grammar are horrendous. For the spelling issue, he could have easily used a spell-check. There's nothing to help the grammar though. You either made it through high school and know proper grammar or you don't.

    I would be REALLY embarrassed if I had posted something that full of errors.

    1197 days ago

  • Nicole Kidman Goes Blonde Bombshell -- Better Redder?

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    Call my crazy but I think she looks AMAZING. I LOVE red hair too. I've dyed my hair red for a long time and love it, but for some reason that blonde color/style on Nicole looks flipping amazing.

    She looks ridiculously beautiful.. I agree w/others - she does resemble Jenny McCarthy in the pix.. I think she looks AMAZING.1271 days ago

  • Vienna Girardi: See Her New Face, Post-Nose Job!

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    I agree with Violette-Blue - I don't see a big difference, but like she said..maybe that's a good thing. Getting a nose too small can totally ruin your looks.

    The hump in the nose is gone, but it doesn't look like they made the nose any smaller.

    It looks slightly better but I don't notice a big difference.

    I probably would have asked for them to make it smaller - to be're going through the pain and expense anyway - might as well make it into something more attractive.

    1272 days ago

  • Lady Gaga Breaks Down on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

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    I used to be a hardcore Gaga fan, but she has officially turned me off. She's so fake and overdramatic - I wish Ellen would catch a clue at how manipulative Gaga is.. She's a master manipulator and her last album SUCKED! I bought it the first day it came out and only listened to it three times - it is horrible. Like she slammed it together real quick to make more $money$ has zero artistic integrity.

    Anyway, the dance was beautiful. And Marko is amazing. Too bad Gaga had to be a drama queen and try to steal the spotlight. 1278 days ago

  • Ivanka Trump Baby Daughter's Name Revealed

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    Yeah, I like the name as well. It is unique, yet still normal... and pretty as well.

    So tired of celebrities trying to shock the world and get their name in the papers by cruelly naming their children outrageous, stupid, embarrassing names.

    Glad Ivanka didn't follow suit.1288 days ago

  • Kathy Hilton: My Children Are Not Spoiled!

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    Uhm - this sounds like B.S. but nice try on Kathy's part.1299 days ago