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  • Jennifer Aniston Gets a Tattoo -- What's It Say?

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    How sad. I didn't realize her dog died. Wasn't Norman a dog that Jen and Brad shared? I bet that was tough, but 15 years is a good life for a dog. Regardless it was a sweet gesture to get his named tat'ed on her, but hopefully she will stop at one tattoos and not go overboard and mutilate her body, like Angelina did... Yuck.1315 days ago

  • Adam Levine Talks Aguilera Rumors, Calls Her a 'Pain'

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    She can't even control how much of a diva she is. If you've ever had to deal with her - you would NOT like her very much. She's really a wretched person - I don't think I ever witnessed her looking remotely happy.

    Unfortunately her terrible attitude affects other people.

    Search utube for "diss list" - celebrities have described how horrendous she is to deal with... It ain't pretty..

    She has a nice voice, but doesn't write most of her songs... Yet she thinks she is the most important person in the world.

    Ick.1317 days ago

  • EXCLUSIVE! Denise & Nikki Sixx Split!

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    Oops. Nikki was old enough to be Kat Von D's dad - when they dated. Nikki + Kat Von D are totally disgusting.

    If I was Denise, I'd go get tested for every STD under the sun.

    Yuck.1483 days ago

  • EXCLUSIVE! Denise & Nikki Sixx Split!

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    Nikki is the one who absolutely nasty. He's in his 50s but was dating Kat Von D -- who looks like she has hepatitis and other diseases.

    He's totally disgusting!

    1483 days ago