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1687 days ago

  • Justin Bieber's Surprising Views on Marriage

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    OMG!!! We don't need another immature jerk like him running around!! GROW UP CHILD!!!! (Key word here is CHILD!) This kid has no real talent and is up everybody's butt all of the time thinking he needs to be everywhere all of the time. Not a good example for kids today!1195 days ago

  • Susan Lucci Reacts to 'All My Children' Cancellation

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    This is llike a bad late April Fool's joke!!!! Hey ABC!!!! Do you realize that you are kicking your BEST soap One Life to Live to the curb when it is really getting hot?!?!?!?!?!? AMC has become unwatchable over the last few years since the Charles Pratt fiasco but OLTL is getting better every day. The bullying storyline has really shown some outstanding acting especially by the young man who plays Shane!!! He deserves an Emmy for his work over the last month!!! I really hope another network picks up OLTL or ABC has a change of heart on this series!1343 days ago