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1235 days ago
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  • Kim Kardashian Breaks Down: I Don't Want to Be Married Anymore

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    I am SOOOOOOO tired of that whole family,......GEEEEZ, when will iut ever end.1104 days ago

  • Nicole Scherzinger Shares No Makeup Photo

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    Oh my stars Nicole, always look good girl.1104 days ago

  • Jim Carrey's Daughter Auditions on "American Idol"

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    What a refreshingtalent, and she chose a Bonnie Raitt number,.....GOOD FOR YOU JANE ! Yes you are right, living in someone's shadow is difficult, especially in the industry. You stepped away, and now you are in your own light. Great song,.....can only imagine how great you will be with a little polish,.......continued good luck1104 days ago

  • "American Idol" Ratings: How Much Did They Drop?

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    There is soooo much bs before they EVEN get to the contestants,.....and what makes it worse is Ryan Seacrest,.....what makes him the untramilliondollar man,...he has no real talent to speak of.I used to really loved they way AI worked up to performances,by showing auditions,....especially the off the wall ones;they've cut that out and it's just boring. No fire, no excitement,....I mean really how many times can we watch Jennifer get chill bumps,.....really? Steven is entertainting, playing grab azz was entertaining in a way,.......but it is certainly NOT the AI I loved in the beginning,'s sooooo passe.1107 days ago

  • Win a Pussycat Dolls Workout DVD!

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    There is nothing or no one more riveting than the Puzzycat Dolls. Id you E-V-E-R get the chance, ever,....see them in concert. All of the girls are great,.....but Nicole makes it extra special,........1114 days ago

  • Beyonce Gives Birth to Baby Girl Blue Ivy

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    NO MORE OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION !!! That being the tantrum throwing
    Suri Cruise,......let the flag waving begin,.....a child is born, a child is born,.....the young and beautiful Ivy Blue Carter,....many blessings and love for the baby and the family,'s an exeprience you will NEVER forget.

    Suri Cruise,.......oh my gawd ! I guess you'll be having your tantrums at Target.1119 days ago

  • Nick Cannon Hospitalized with Kidney Failure

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    There for a moment looking at the photo, I thought Nick had 'swelled up fierce',....damn. Looking again, I realized it was a pillow. Please, please, please Mr and Mrs Cannon don't cry about privacy,....okay? You started this ****.
    Good luck Nick, be careful and listen to the doctors, well man,....those babies need their daddy.1123 days ago

  • Courtney Stodden's Skimpy Church Outfit

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    H-u-h ?1123 days ago

  • Stuff We Wish Would Go Away In 2012

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    Well said,......roflmao,......truly funny and oh soooo true.1123 days ago

  • Kyle Richards: Kim & Ken Have Split

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    Saw this guy on RHOBH, Ken, and he came across as being abusive and controlling. Poor Kim, she is sooo desperate for her sister's approval,....she'll reach out to any thug who will pay attention to her, very sad. Have to salute Kyle always standing by her sister,.....she needs that right now.1123 days ago