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949 days ago

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  • Kylie Jenner -- Too Young To Wear a Bandage Dress?

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    Don't pay attention to the haters, Kylie. If only I had your looks. Be proud of what you have.. But unfortuantly I don't have the looks but looks aren't all that you need. I do have a great out look on life!!
    948 days ago

  • Kendall Jenner Unloads On Mom Over Extravagant Birthday Bash

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    You go Kendall! Don't listen to all those who critize and are judgemental of your family..Your Mom is looking out for you. Even though I don't have as much money as you and your family, I still think your mom is just wanting to make this a very special day for you. And as long as you have the money, why not use it to have fun. I can see you all have a good heart. All those who judge your mother and sisters just are jeolous of what you all have. I'm sure your mother gives to others in need. Just because we don't see it on TV does not mean it does not happen.Your mother is a very smart women and you would not have the things you have if it were not for her and your father. For you to feel as you do about not making such a big deal about your 16th birthday, and have the means to make a big blow out makes you a very special young lady. You had to have learnd that from your family. Great Job Mom and Dad..948 days ago