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1734 days ago

  • Inside a 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Wedding

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    So Taylor didn't attend? whaoooo she supposed to be celebrating ? when his hubby just kill himslef couple of days? and he supposed to be there too? what is wrong with thsi people ,but of course they had to be absent! Liza was one of the witches who confronted and made his life miserable ,his mothers said in a interview ,he make his life miserable ,I hope Liza now is happy that this guy is not at the picture not more,but remember Karma will come! remember that Liza !1245 days ago

  • Video: Paris Hilton Walks Out of 'GMA' Interview

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    Who is Pari******on...a spoil,brat,no-smart ,not pretty ,not class rich ho!@#$% she became a CELEBRITIE beacuse a sex tape ,who cares about her? why is she in the tabloids still? not one care about this not-brains person......1286 days ago

  • Kim Zolciak Erupts Over Lesbian Story

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    Kim is lesbian or bisexual the way she is with this chik she is sexually atracted to her ,I can't believe she is pregnant ,she just meet this guy and she has two young daughters ,this woman is so cheap besides a gold digger trashy trashy !1508 days ago