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1300 days ago

  • 'Bachelor Pad' Contestant Hit By Eggs for Being 'Least Attractive'

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    When you go to be in this shows ,you sign for everything that comes with the territory,good that happens to her ,she is rich I saw her in a show called Princess ,he father is a plastic surgeon ,she has many surgerys and she still ugly! yes ugly! this show is such a trashy show ,when you see this show ,you learn that is ugly people there inside and outside really,the Jake and Casey and Deanna trio are bad ,fake people ! 1261 days ago

  • Jennifer Lopez: Marc Anthony Was Not the 'Right Thing' for Me

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    You and all the magazines put this woman in a pedestal ,now she thinks she is a Diva...J.LO is Ghetto is all, listen how she talks ,she is not a good singer J.LO only has a big ass is allBbeing a dancer ,all the Hispanics dance well ,that is not new ! the most beautiful woman in the world? are you kidding? his exwife was Miss Universe...what about Nicole Kiddman,Halley Berry,Vanessa Williams , Heidi Klum,those are beautiful women.This woman don't deserve all the fame she is getting ...both have divorces before ,he has a bunch of kids ,and she get married everytime she meets a men .I am sick and tired of hering about J.Lo ghetto ghetto! 1266 days ago

  • Kim Kardashian Visits Dad's Grave with Kris and E!

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    It is so disgusting ,she possing to the cameras like she is in a social sad ,is least what about a little but of respect ,his father is in his grave ,she use this to get attention ,this people will someday pay for all they are doing ..... she should be there just the two of them not cameras ,not photos forom not one! this is a sad moment Karma will come! This marriage is not going to be for so long sh eis so narcissistic ,all about her ! the sad part is she is famous just thanks to a SEX TAPE not brains .....I just can't believe it she went to that extent! that's says a lot about her ,indeed she is not smart she is lucky she has good PR's the whol efamily make me SICK!1268 days ago

  • Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Are Engaged!

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    What is with this Kardashians marrying this men after couple of days or weeks ?are they sooo desperately ?I don't think this marriage is going to be for long.....this woman is independent loves money .All this family is about money ,their mother will sale them for money.Why is people so absorbed by this people? It is her second marriage ,is least now the black ladies can have all the black men,she was taking all of them lol lol ! what a HO......1280 days ago

  • Meet Alicia Keys' Adorable Son Egypt!

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    Who caresssss...... she is a home wrecker ,she took a married man is not cool.1300 days ago