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1543 days ago

  • Beyonce Whitewashed Again for New CD Promo?

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    I just don't understand why she does this. Is she really that insecure about herself. Just be who you are and not try to look like someone else. It's really embrassing.1109 days ago

  • "X Factor" Contestant Breaks Down During Elimination

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    Why in the hell is Paula back on...omg...somebody please take her crazy butt off the air...1151 days ago

  • Massive Taylor Armstrong Meltdown on "Real Housewives"

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    I agree, I used to like Kyle but I have noticed how she loves to make fun of people and acts like she is so perfect. Also noticed how she likes being the center of attention. Klye needs to pay attention to her sister who really needs help not to blind herself to her problems. Kyle I feel that Lisa is a better friend then Taylor anyday...your dissing the wrong cookie...1151 days ago