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1655 days ago

  • Marg Helgenberger: The Emotional "CSI" Goodbye

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    I used to watch this show religiously, until William Peterson left, then as Margs character became more the focus, I stopped watching.
    Her character was from the beginning a whiny, annoying, self righteous one that I never liked.
    As far as I am concerned, the death knell for that show was when they made her the focus and alowed Peterson to leave.
    As for Marg herself, I am not and most likely never will be a fan, as I don't find her that talented or that interesting.
    This is a good move for the show, but it is to late to save it.
    Now if they brought back Peterson and the whole original cast, minus Marg, I'd watch for sure.1102 days ago

  • Who Looks Hotter: Kate Beckinsale or Katherine Heigl?

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    Kate will always be hotter!1102 days ago

  • LeAnn Rimes: Check Out Her Latest Teeny Bikini!

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    Who cares about the skank bag Rimes.
    Who's the hot friend?
    Rimes is a has been joke, that is just doing all these bikini pics because she gets press for them.
    If the media would stop making news out of nobody's and has-Belen's, then the Rime's, Hilton's, and Kardashian's would follow their natural course and fade away to what they truly have always been, ........ NOTHING!!!

    Seriously, who's the friend?
    She's the true hottie in these pics!1122 days ago

  • Kelly Osbourne's Photo Shoot with Cute Pooch

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    The small black dog is cure, but the big one is really ugly.
    Must have been an accident leaving it with a face like that!
    1194 days ago

  • Kelly Osbourne's Bikini Body

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    Not fix that nasty face and that trailer trash personality and she's might be getting somewhere.1537 days ago

  • "Gossip Girl" Star's New Vid -- Too Racy?

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    No it's not to racy because she is no where near hot/sexy enough to make it so and pull it off.
    Being a skank doesn't make you sexy, just ask Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, and like them this chick is a skank.

    1655 days ago