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1526 days ago

  • Sandra Bullock To "Millionaire Matchmaker": No Thanks!

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    No wonder failing in all ratings.....and is pathetic.

    Who on earth is writing your news feeds........pandering to the lowest of the low of our society. The bottom-fishers.


    Too bad the top executives don't figure out that the bottom-fishers are not going to help Yahoo.

    Creepy, slovenly, icky, losers.......that's the type who is profiled and publicized on Yahoo.

    Bring up the standards........then you might have a fighting chance.

    Lie down with get fleas.

    Pretty gross. Your headlines.....and even grosser your stories!!

    What a waste!


    ps I am pretty darn sure no one in the leadership of this company will read this......which is even more sad.1526 days ago