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1754 days ago

  • Snooki Gets Another Tattoo -- What Is It This Time?!

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    She just gets more and more attractive!1116 days ago

  • Khloe Kardashian Slams "Haters" After No Makeup Photo

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    Apparently, a "hater" is someone who thinks you're ugly, trashy and ridiculous. Seem to be a lot of those for her. You'd think she'd do the math, but maybe she's not bright enough to add, either.

    Daddy must have been the tall, blonde pool boy. She mostly looks like her pig mother.1154 days ago

  • Carrot Top Straightens His Hair!

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    He wasn't attractive in the first place, and now everything he's done has just made matters worse.1381 days ago

  • Cher Flashes Crowd at Grauman's

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    Cher looks a little chunkier than usual these days, and I think she is covering up a bit more, short skirt in this photo to the contrary. I hope she goes down more of a Liz Taylor road in future and does the elegant thing rather than continue to try to compete with 20 year olds.1516 days ago