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  • Vogue Italia Pulls Image of Skinny Supermodel Karlie Kloss -- Learn Why

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    "Karlie is a role model and trained hard for this shoot as an athlete and the results show positive women taking control of their bodies and being strong and healthy."

    hahaha I sooo want to see her and Serena Williams compete against each other.

    Personally I don't have any gripes with her body - it's her body, her choice! and dayum she can sell clothes - but come on to call her strong, healthy, an athlete? She's a model. Huge difference. Models train to look like this. Athletes who train look entirely different. Come on, Kloss PR. Just own up to what's really going on in this picture and in her career.1150 days ago

  • Check Out Courtney Stodden's Latest Inappropriate Outfit

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    wtf shopping mid-day in an evening gown. and mid-90s Pam Anderson hair. and... white lipgloss?!

    Also, shame on her (creepy old) husband for looking like a sack of crap next to his wife who is so, SO desperately trying to look expensive.

    Personally I would brain my boyfriend if he went out wearing a beanie and an Amsterdam shirt while I was in an gown. But maybe I'm just old fashioned like that.1150 days ago

  • PETA Attacks Kim Kardashian with New Billboard

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    are YOU mental? Do you know what happens to roughly 85% of the domestic animals PETA takes in???

    ....or... you do and this is OK with you? jesus christ.1170 days ago

  • PETA Attacks Kim Kardashian with New Billboard

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    I... don't understand?

    Why do they show a wild fox family when they just said in their PR fur comes from farms?

    wearing fur is wrong but lying to create sickeningly sweet pathos is annoying too. I can't trust PETA because sometimes they lie to tug at your heartstrings... when you really don't need to lie, the truth itself is horrifying enough.1170 days ago

  • PETA Attacks Kim Kardashian with New Billboard

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    Oh Amber, please shut up immediately unless you donate every spare dollar you own to combating poverty, abuse, and abortions.

    according to your logic, people who try to save libraries are evil because they are spending money on books which are not as important as homeless war veterans! and I sure hope you haven't been to the movies, ever, because if you have spent more than 100 dollars on tickets in your lifetime... that should be going to protect our unborn and you are SICK for spending it on entertainment instead. you better not have internet in your house either, when you can get it at starbucks for free and spend the rest of the money doing humanitarian works.

    just... people like you... and your terrible logic I can guarantee you you do NOT follow... wtf. people can spend their money however they chose.

    (also go ahead and try to outlaw abortions but as long as me and my boyfriend have 4 fists, 4 feet, and 3 flights of stairs leading up to our apartment, we're not having kids til we're ready.)1170 days ago