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1263 days ago

  • Adam Levine Strips, Slams 'American Idol'

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    As far as American Idol, I believe it has run it's course, but has been a great show. Therefore, the Voice is that something fresh and exciting and is a great show as well. On the matter of Gays vs. Straight. Come On people. What the hell is wrong with this human race when the matter of who you have sex with dictates the premise of a television show? No one else knows me and what is it to you if I am gay or straight? I enjoy entertaining shows, I don't give a damn if your a gay, lesbian, transgender or straight person if your talented and can present your talent in a way that isn't offensive and vulgar, and I don't care what your sexual preference is either and don't tell me. All of you insecure, shallow, self absorb, self centered people need to take a freaking reality check and really listen to yourselves and read what you write because it is so ridiculous. What does it matter if your gay and your on a SINGING show? IS part of your act showing how your sexual nature is? HELL TO THE NO, it's about singing!!! I, and I can only speak for myself, do not tune into a show, radio station, read a book and ask myself, is this person straight or gay? How shallow is that? No wonder God destroyed the human race and only left NOAH and his family. The rest were idiots.1262 days ago