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  • J.Lo's Boyfriend Casper Smart: The Pauly D-esque Yearbook Pic

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    woof, woof...get this ugly dog a bone. 1135 days ago

  • The X Factor: The Elimination Shocker!

    No Avatar are to blame, NOT Nicole. If Marcus was not the better singer, why did AMERICA give him the votes over Rachel? You are blaming Nicole who only put it to a tie. Let me repeat that. She VOTED for a TIE. AMERICA then sent Rachel home. By Nicole making it a tie, she put the fate of Marcus and Rachel on AMERICA. NOT HERSELF. Shame on all of you who blame her. Lastly, Rachel breaking down the way she did, only confirms to me that, although they can sing their butts off, 14 is TOO YOUNG to deal with the perks and fall-outs of fame. Especially one who started from "normal life", not the child who has been in the spotlight all their life. Congratulations to Marcus, for some of America saw that he was a good singer and they voted for him:) 1148 days ago