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1354 days ago

  • "X Factor" Star Throws a Tantrum on Live TV

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    I love it! The persons comment above " I think Astro is an Axhole!" Hahahahahha. Do people really talk like that still?? I understand he is slightly retarded and so maybe he is trying to "keep up with the Joneses" I don't know but "Axhole" you have a lot of growing up yet to do. You are nothing but a gangster hood wanabee and believe me that is not who you should be!!1171 days ago

  • Cher BLASTS "DWTS" Judges: I Could Cut a Bitch!

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    I am sorry but Chaz should have been voted off the first night. I stopped watching after that because people aren't voting for how well they dance but on their causes.
    Chaz is a big fat slob and if he didn't want someone calling him names then he should have lost weight before coming on the show. I was grossed out when I saw him, that facial hair was disgusting and he couldn't dance. All he ever did was go out there and stomp around, that was it. Sorry, I side with the judges even though they didn't call "it" a big fat pig!1194 days ago

  • Kate Gosselin 'Freaking Out' Over Show's End

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    I think she should get the broom out of her ass and act like a normal person. Everything is about her. She has changed so much since the beginning of her show and they have created a monster. She does nothing unless its about her. She makes everything about her. She doesn't love those kids, she might have at one time but now that she can't use them to benefit herself I hope she looses everything and the state takes the kids, they would be better off!!! She needs some major counseling. That episode that showed her freaking out over pizza shows a woman with major issues. The scene where she tried to tell the guide how to handle the boat and barked orders at him....huh uh...sorry, that doesn't work you cow!!!!1243 days ago

  • Inside Kim Kardashian's Wedding -- New Photos and Video!

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    You know I think it is in such poor taste for this couple and their family to show such lavish tastes and pure gluttany (sp) when the world is in such a crisis. It shows what things are important to them and money, money, money is the top priority. Shame on you Kim.
    Plus, her husband looks like he might be slightly retarded.1259 days ago

  • TLC Cancels 'Kate Plus 8' -- Gosselin Reacts

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    I am so glad! So sick of this cow and her self serving conceded ways! She would put on a dying child if she thought she would get camera time!
    She has changed so much and not for the good.
    Sick of seeing her stupid hand gestures as well, how annoying is that!!
    I will miss seeing the kids although I think Maddie is on her way to being a Psychopath and needs help right away!! She is very scary at times but look at the example she has in her mother!!1266 days ago