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1752 days ago

  • Kate Gosselin: 'Jon's There When He's There'

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    I just adore Kate--first she's a nurse (compassionate & brave), then marries inter-racially (brave), then quits her job to love & nurture her new 6 little ones, plus the twins - not knowing how everyone will be get by - she just trusted God to bring them all through (exceptionally brave!). And God did! GOOD!! And she's raising them very well & very cared for. And I've never heard her whine about all that hard work ONCE! Not too many women would step up like she has to do in this life - that's for sure!! I used to be mad at her when she scolded Jon on the Jon & Kate Plus 8 show. But now, since their split, I it's abundantly clear WHY she did that. He's a dumb jerk! He truly is oblivious as to what's really goin' on -- he HAS to be guided. He's her real 9th child - so that puts her in the possition of Mama AND Daddy. Not fair! Jon is 1) just plain stupid and she had to yell at him all the time because he didn't have a clue as to what to do next; 2) a complete jerk to let the media photograph him with a myraid of girlfriends (even one in Kate's own yard with his girlfriend in a bikini!! (real nice consideration for Kate & the kids) -- all of which have resulted in breaking Kate's & the kids' hearts over and over again (what chivalry and class on Jon's part (not)); and 3) he has become an even more stupid bully for suing Kate for full-time custody!! The audacity! He's got a lot of room to talk. What? He'll share the kids' time with all his girlfriends? What a bozobrain. He has NO JOB nor any prospects for one, and if he didn't know what to do with the kids during the filming of J&K+8, how'd he become such an instant genious now? He's just pitiful -- P-I-T-I-F-U-L. But Kate, on the other hand, has had to shoulder the full responsibility of consistently supporting and raising those beautiful children any way she can--something Jon only does when it's convenient for him or for a photo shoot. Imagine a nationally known man leaving his women alone with 8 -- count them EIGHT -- children all under the age of 9 so he can go party & have a nice funny-bunny life. How disgusting and unconscionable! I didn't see Kate doing that. So now, I say: 'YOU GO KATE'!!!! All you're trying to do is provide security for your family. You just go ahead & do what you need to do. I love you and so do millions of others. All the people that have phoned in to Dancing with the Stars voting for you are all with you, cheering you on and are behind you 100% and trying to show you that way. You are very loved and respected. I'll keep voting for you & I hope the rest of America does too! Onward and Upward Kate!!! YOU JUST KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON & KEEP YOUR CHIN UP! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!1752 days ago