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1742 days ago

  • Teresa Giudice Responds to Jacqueline Laurita Twitter War

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    Teresa does take it too far with her brother. Not in a sexual way, just about how she wants to be SO involved in his life definately goes overboard.
    That is why she has the problems with Melissa. If I was Melissa I would have issues as well, but would NOT do what Melissa does and talk smack behind Teresa's back, that just makes it all worse.
    Teresa needs to step back, be a SISTER and AUNT and SISTER IN LAW and thats it. Teresa stop talking about everyone, and get seriously involved with your cousin and her family again, they are nice people and only say something bad about you that is well deserved. LIke your opening a restaurant statement after she shared her plans to do catering. You always have to outdo everyone else Teresa and its hysterical now because you CANT. You are like everyone else in this world trying to survive and believe me, allienating your family and friends is not the way to be happy, or talking about you have this, you have that, I am better then you stuff. When you were brought up someone forgot to teach you class, elegance, etc. that make a woman a woman who is caring and thoughtful of others.
    YOu might be surprised what a great NORMAL relationship you could have with your cousin, who is the only normal one, and then your sister in law if you come down off that pedestal you have put yourself on like you are God.
    Melissa needs to get over herself, seriously, and be a good mom, and set down the law to her husband to stop treating her like a 2 dollar hore on the show only worth his time for sex. He disgusts me and I cannot believe she has put up with that for 6 years or whatever they have been married. Course she does get alot of money being with him and being treated like that....but then to get down on hands and knees and pray?
    Jacqualine has fallen into the ole gossip and going behind peoples back stuff and probably because of the stress of her oldest daughter problems. But JACKIE, knock it off and get out of that circle, you always managed to stay clear before!!
    You all have known Teresa causes problems and continues them. As a group, you and Caroline, go and talk to her directly, and being as how she does listen to you two, help her to realize what she does. IF there is any hope changing her. 1215 days ago

  • Real Housewives' Melissa Gorga Slams Stripper Rumors

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    Everyone would like you except your attitude. Stop with the 1. better then anyone else, looks, money, singing, etc. 2. come down to normal folks level. Ok we know you got lucky and married into money but...... 3. Stop with Teresa even though she does instigate most of it as we have all seen. Just dont stoop to her level and then with the camera's slam her more, or talk that you are prettier, better, etc. A more understanding approach with Teresa would be better, and more of shock that she would continue to act like this with her sister in law. YOU.

    Ok, we believe you weren't a stripper, besides you prolly didnt have your boobies in then. :)

    Seriously though, you have the basic components to appear like a very nice person on TV, get down to them and stop the prima dona stuff. :)1219 days ago

  • Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Cheryl Burke -- 'Dancing' Hookup in Vegas?

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    I have always wondered why maks and Cheryl didnt hook up a long ago. She really seems to be a sweet person and definately nothing like Karina icky.
    Cheryl would have to calm maks temper now and then but I think they go fabulouslyl together.1339 days ago

  • Aguilera Holds Hands with New Man!

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    I am really disappointed in her. Wont buy her music either, just like Leeann Rimes, or any of the men who have cheated recently on their wives. You are just as bad and filthy as any of them all women or men.

    Christina the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. I knew eventually you would do this to your husband AND CHILD, because divorce will affect that precious baby. I believe that it should be automatic that any parent who dates or sees someone else while married or during the divorce process should NOT get custody of their children. Because they hurt the children more then anything, thus the reason we have so many messed up kids in this world with a 55% divorce rate. Your child because of YOU Christina will end up devastated for life over this just like Marie Osmonds son and many other child stars or children of stars.1530 days ago