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wow ew

1753 days ago

  • Seeing Double: Kate Winslet & Kris Jenner

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    Kate FTW!
    She looks great in that dress.
    1242 days ago

  • Posh and Becks Go Public With Baby Harper

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    i'm all for looking stylish but wearing 6+ inch heels is taking it a bit too far. It's possible to look stylish without cause severe damage to yourself. you have 4 kids and you look great, high heels or not.
    i dont get why european women have to be so damn vain ALL THE TIME.1247 days ago

  • Photos: New Mom Mariah Carey Has Girls Night Out!

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    I find it hard to believe she's in her 40s. She looks great. And knowing Mariah Carey, she seems more like the perfectionist workaholic then out at the club dead beat mom to me.

    She seems like she deserves to go out with out the kids and the hubby once in a while.

    I believe all new moms need some alone time to regroup and re appreciate their new families.
    1289 days ago

  • The Queen and Kate -- One on One

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    Actually if you watch a video of them talking you can hear the queen saying the DISPLAY is horrid because it looks like a GHOST! Why? Because the mannequin has no head. She never talked sh*t about the DRESS itself

    She didnt sound uber bitchy about it just brutally honest at worst. She's probably the only woman on earth who can get away with saying that lol. OR OFF WITH YOUR HEADS! lol

    No seriously though, I saw a do***entary about the queen and her staff and that alone was nerve wracking, so I can't imagine what its like to have her as a relative. I have a hard enough time keeping my boyfriend's mother happy (who is a "Commoner") so I cant imagine what its like to keep the queen of england happy! lol1289 days ago

  • Matt Damon Goes Completely Bald -- Better Buzzed?

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    this is nothing new, he was completely bald in Eurotrip. He played a rocker.1291 days ago

  • Video: Paris Hilton Walks Out of 'GMA' Interview

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    here's a way she can re-invent herself, she's almost 30 right or...she is 30? I dont know... How about....
    Get married
    pop out a couple babies?(God forbid but still)

    Get her family involved?
    She's a boring bint no one gives a rat's ass about and always has been.(Did you see how full of **** she looked when she said she has been in this business for 15 years??? WHAT Business? The business of fame whoring? Yea and you suck at it! All your friends have moved on!Why the **** can't you?)

    Doesn't help that not every one has oxygen or whatever channel her **** show is on. She needs to get over her ******* self. She's an over grown slut that bores people to death about her stories of...."oooh I have so much money for such a hoook nosed slag, envy ME!"

    Grow the **** up pari******on, and maybe then....MAYBE some people will watch your shows.

    ****.1292 days ago

  • Wonder Woman Shows Off New Suit!

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    those are the worst implants i have ever seen on a person. nothing worse than a botched plastic surgery.
    1400 days ago

  • PHOTOS: Katie & Suri's Slushy Stroll Thru Vancouver!

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    maybe they were outside for like less than 5 minutes. im pretty damn sure they had a warm car waiting for them.1433 days ago

  • FAB FOTO: Pregnant Kim Zolciak Poses In Her Underwear

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    who gives a **** about this skank? i find it hard to believe she's 33, i thought she was in her 50s already. her face is ****ed up. 1438 days ago